Company. Ассоциация правовой, налоговой и аудиторской поддержки.

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 “Association of the Lawful, Tax and Audit support” was organized in 2000.of joining of the several companies. Since this time the internal as well as external potential of the company was greatly developed and effective cooperation with the statutory bodies and foreign companies was established. Unique combination of the social responsibility and financial independence gives us possibility to solve serious issues of the Saint-Petersburg companies arising due to their activities and let us to have benefits both for our users as well for the association itself.

Association has very good experience in solving complex, non standard problems in the audit, tax and arbitrage practices. Active informational cooperation with major business and specialized mass media is well established including commentary articles about important lawful issues, separate articles, reference materials. We made generalization of our approaches and developed our own method to work with our clients.

Association constantly and actively develops international business activities and has 2 representative offices in Finland (Kotka) and in Czech Republic (Karlovy Vary) and also several foreign business partners with good experience of mutually beneficial cooperation in terms of informational exchange, services exchange and other activities. Despite the fact that audit services and not subjected to the statutory licensing and development of the self regulated organizations , association tends to confirm our high status by the participation in the state purchasing activities, membership in the professional organizations, unions, international associations.