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Accounting services

Accounting services

1.      Set up and keeping of the accounting and tax records

·        Drafting of the accounting procedure for the company

·        Comprehensive reflection of all business activities of the company in the accounting and tax control

·        Employees salaries accounting

·        Tax accounting

·        Issuing and delivery of the accounting records, tax declarations and statistical forms

·        Organization of the reasonable and optimal document system with drafting of the no unified forms of the primary documentation and local regulatory acts

·        Computerized accounting



2.      set up and keeping of the accounting records

3.      Restoration  of the accounting recordings


·        Analysis of the status of the accounting and tax keeping in the company

·        Identification of the mistakes in the accounting and tax keeping

·        Correction of the identified mistakes, issuing of recommendations for correction, correction


4.      Tax optimization

5.      Outsourced accounting


Tem outsourcing refer to the handover of the accounting functions to the special outside company. More and more of the Russian companies experience need in the accounting outsourcing, and this not depends upon organizational and legal form of the company, profitability of number of employees.


Accounting done by the outside independent audit company do not require hiring, costs originated fro the separate accounting department (work place, program means), insurance and pension costs. Outside accounting or legal service can solve the problem of absenteeism of the permanent employees or to put work responsibilities fully on the outsourced employees.


6.      Complex accounting service