Code. Ассоциация правовой, налоговой и аудиторской поддержки.

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Association understand importance of management of the risks connected with loss of the reputation. It is very important for us to have good name, high appraisal of the statutory bodies, trust of the clients and loyalty of the mass media.

We are guided by the federal laws, international corporate standards, professional codes (Code of practice for Russian auditors, Code of Practice for the Russian accountants) and internal regulations.

Who is the employee of the association: person with high legal or economical education, analytical capabilities, experience and motivation.

We are proud of our specialist and respect other.



We put professionalism and competence as priority.

We make only justified conclusions.

We make carefully weighted decisions and only together with client-company.

We work only in law field.

We fulfill all our responsibilities and do not breach contract.

We keep secrets about all operations of the client.

We try to find compromise in case of violation of the interests and we give preference to the client.

We keep social responsibility.


We define methods of work ourselves.

We check full scope of the required accounting information in the client company.

We use our own experience, knowledge and approaches to solve issues of the client.

We reserve the right to refuse in services for the company without any explanations before signing the contract.