Social responsibility. Ассоциация правовой, налоговой и аудиторской поддержки.

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Social responsibility

We spread our approach of the social responsibility to the cooperation with mass media as well:.

We tend to use the same corporate standard to the long term relations with local bodies, social institutes, mass media, experts and independent specialists.

We understand social responsibility through the complex of the projects integrated into the business processes inside company:


  1. We generalize professional experience and introduce it outside through the analytical materials (site “Views”)
  2. We systematically informs mass media about company activities and changes in the fields connected with the company (audit, accounting, law, real estate) in we tends to be leading expert in this field. This is supported by the individual publications of the specialists, regular press-releases, commentaries, participation in the joint projects together with mass-media. See site Press-Centre.
  3. We tend to share our experience with other business groups to raise efficiency of the Russian companies, to raise quality of the audit, accounting and legal services, to raise their status among foreign companies. This is done through the seminars, round tables, consulting.
  4. We have open policy for the clients, partners, statutory bodies and we very effectively communicate with them on each step of activities.