The bar. Ассоциация правовой, налоговой и аудиторской поддержки.

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The bar

We are focused on the arbitrage , civil and criminal cases and on solving of the business, administrative and insurance conflicts.

We are principally do not refer the service as needed to be paid if the final goal is not achieved.

Arbitrage cases

1.      representation of the plaintiff, defendants and third parties in the arbitrage court.

2.      Appeal of the court sentences in the higher arbitrage court

3.      recovery of the debts

4.      Declaration of the conflict deals to be not valid

5.      representation of the defendants at contest of the deals

6.      Conflicts at supply agreements

7.      annulations of the contracts in the court

8.      Withdrawal of the property from the illegal owner

9.      Appeal of the normative and not normative law acts of the statutory and municipal bodies

10. Identification of the facts having legal significance

11. Appeals for the rights of ownship for the movable and real estate property

12. Tax quarrels

Economic cases

1.      Legal follow up of the commercial activities

2.      Preparation of the contracts and agreements

3.      preparation of the documents and legal follow up of IPO at Russian stock exchange

4.       Preparation of the documents to register decision about issuing of the securities, reporting of the results of the issuing of securities, follow up of the securities emission

5.      Preparation of the documents and legal follow-up of the listing of safety stock at Russian stock exchange

Civil cases

1.      Representation at civil court of general jurisdiction and at justice of the peace;

2.      Defense at appellation, cassation, supervisory bodies

3.      Crimes committed in economy area

4.      Crimes against property

5.      Crimes against social security

6.      Crimes against human health and social moral

7.      Crimes against life

8.      Crimes in connection with author’s right

Administrative cases

1.Appeal of decisions done by traffic police due to traffic accidents

2. Appeal of decisions of another governmental bodies