Audit. Ассоциация правовой, налоговой и аудиторской поддержки.

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Independent audit helps not only raise efficiency of the companies and to protect owners< but also support state to have full compliance with existing laws. Doing audit make business status of the company much higher among the partners, investors, suppliers. It simplify relations with the tax and customs authorities, banks, statutory bodies.


About audit

Analysis of the business and financial activities of the company is more and more obligatory management instrument inside the company. This is connected with the more stringent requirements from the outside auditor. Investor, partner, foreign company or owner are interested in the clear financial report, in the evidences of the stability of the company.


Audit: independent check of the accounting and finance reporting.

Aim of the audit: to have conclusion about reliability of the accounting reporting in the organization and its compliance to the Russian laws.



  1. To estimate level of the accounting reporting and internal control.
  2. To estimate qualification of the accounting personnel, quality of the accounting documents handling , correctness of the documents entries.
  3. Recommendations to correct mistakes that gave negative influence onto financial results.



Outside users- investors, partners, state.

Task: trust

Internal users- owners, top-management.

Task: objective conclusion to raise efficiency of the company activities.


Obligatory audit

Who needs:

1.Organizations with income without VAT is exceeding 500 000 minimum salary for one year

2. Organizations whose total balance is more than 20 mln rbls.

3. Credit, insurance, investment, statutory organizations as per Federal Law About auditory activities.

Initiative audit

Who needs:

1.      When searching investors, partners

2.      When entering foreign market

3.      At shares emission

4.      At starting new field of business activities

Sources of the audit conclusion:

Accounting documents, contacts with the counteragents of the company subjected to audit, other

Audit conclusion: official document of the statutory format approved by government. We use official format and  our own stylistics.